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American Society of Canine Trainers and Department of Justice Grants


Grant location and writing is a daunting task for many handlers seeking funding. Writing grants is often a difficult and time consuming process. However, once accomplished, the opportunities of funding are promising with many grants. The fastest method of establishing a new K9 to your unit or agency is almost always outright purchase but if you have limited resources, have willingness to do the work, and patience, a grant can be the answer. 

In efforts of assisting you with the process and make it a little less worrisome, asct has gathered a list of grants for your consideration.  The list is not all encompassed as grant availability changes regularly.  However, the reseources will certainly assist.

The American Society of Canine Trainers has five annual grants available to agencies: all ASCT grants can be applied for and used in conjunction with other grants. 

1) asct OPTI-14 grant is available to United States agencies in the establishment of their first canine team.  

2) asct TERA grant is avaliable to all agencies who are asct certified.  

3) asct 9-11 grant is available to all Unites Sates law enforcement agencies.

4) asct SCAND grant, in partnership with London Hanover, is available to all first K9 - Scandinavian agencies.

5) asct PROGRESS grant is in partnership with Hubert Delarivera foundation to supply police K9 training and equipment to all Chile and Argentina agencies. 



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U.S. Department of Justice Grants

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