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K9 Training Referrals
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We can assist you with finding a highly qualified K9 trainer. 


Purchasing a K9 and training can be a daunting task for a handler or agency. There are literally thousands of dog trainers; some with strong credibility but with arrogant leadership, some with great personal relation skills but poor training capability, others just trying to sell a kennel full of dogs. Trainers are not the same.  

As a prespective buyer, you need to know that your working with a trainer who is honest, dependable, and highly skilled to both train your K9 and educate you. Most important, a buyer need to know that the trainer will support the handler, completely guarantee the dog, and be a professional. Unfortunately, these are not easy to find.

ASCT is wiling to help and there is never a charge for this service.

We will certainly help any agency or individual, professional, public, or private to locate a highly qualified K9 trainer.

Step 1. Email us at asctcertboard@aol.com OR just click the Recommend a Trainer button on this page.

Step 2. Give us your name, address, contact number.

Step 3. Tell us what type of training you desire and if you will need a K9, school, or both.

Step 4. Let us know the time-frame of your need and we can research grant possibilities through ASCT. Note:  Grants are only available to government agencies.

That's all there is to it. We will do the rest.

Disclaimer (please read) 

ASCT, as an organization, does not breed, broker, or train dogs. We do not employ dog trainers. We do not recommend dog brokers or kennels. However, many of our certified members are trainers. We certify numerous trainers and instructors, throughout the United States and other nations, who have met very strict qualifications, have proven track records, are honest, and are dedicated professionals.  That's why we recommend them.

We do not have a revolving list of trainers to recommend. Trainers are not automatically recommmended just becasue they are certified nor is there any possibility of trainers advertising through ASCT. We do not receive any payment for recommendations. We recommed trainers based purely on your needs, the trainer qualification to best fit those needs and trainer availability.

We also recommend non-ASCT certified trainers. Before you contract, contact us.  We can help your process become less stressing. 



ASCT does not support, warranty, or guarantee any contract that is not underwritten by ASCT. Click here to find out more.

Recommend a Trainer

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