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Certifications for Public Training Affiliates

Please note that Search and Rescue, Human Remains Detection, and Accelerant Detection are certified under law enforcement certification. Click here to go there now.


For Therapy and Service dog certifications Click Here

There are more trainers who serve the general public then who serve law enforcement.  Unfortunately, most working dog organizations often exclude public trainers.

ASCT is an open organization. We desire and do serve every aspect of canine training, research, and function.




We offer three (3) types of certifications for trainer's of the public arena: most of our certified public trainers hold combined certifications; i.e., obedience and competition, behaviorist, and personal protection.  Many trainers hold all of the certifications.  Click below to explore each.


Public Arena: Obedience and Competition Certification

Public Arena: Behaviorist

Public Arena: Personal Protection

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