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What is a underwritten contract?  

When a contract is written and signed, the seller is the responsible party for all guarantees of the contract.  When a contract is underwritten, the contract becomes guaranteed to the buyer by the underwriter, in the event that the seller faults on the guarantee.  Basically, a underwritten contract is a double guarantee.

Are all K9 contracts underwritten?

Rarely, will any contract be underwritten unless the buyer requires it. Though there are some K9 trainers who will not issue any contract that is not underwritten.

What will an underwritten contract do for me and my agency?

When a contract is underwritten, it is guaranteed by both the seller and the underwriter. If the seller does not back up the contract, goes out of business, or otherwise fails the contract, the underwriter will guarantee the contract, specifically as written.  An underwritten contract assures the buyer that the contract is balanced and not one sided per guarantees and product. If the seller faults, the buyer will have a resource of assistance and replacement. Further, having a seller apply for underwriting assures the buyer that the seller is being fair and truthful in the contract and can measure up to the guarantee of the contract at the time of signing and in the future.

I just learned that our contract is underwritten by ASCT. Our non-asct trainer is not backing the contract.  What can we do?

Send a copy of the contract to the ASCT address (at the top of the contract) us and we will take care of everything; including, replacing the dog, if needed, and finding you a qualified trainer.

Does ASCT underwrite all of its' certified trainers?

No. Contracts are only underwritten at the request of the seller or the buyer. 

Does ASCT underwrite contracts from non-asct certified trainers?  

Absolutely.  ASCT will underwrite any K9 contract, providing that the contract meet our demanding seller/buyer guarantee and qualification requirements.

Does underwriting cost my agency?

No. Underwriting is a seller responsibility.

I have told my trainer that I want my new K9 contract underwriten by ASCT but he refuses.  What can I do?

You can either pursuade your trainer to try and obtain the underwriting, sign your contract without any underwriting, or refuse to sign the contract and seek a trainer who will. It's completely your and your agency's choice. 

I am a trainer.  How can I obtain an ASCT underwriting on a contract I am issuing?

It is simple. Contact and ask for an underwriting application or simply click the link at the bottom of this page.

I am a trainer, what does underwriting a contract offer me?

Having your contracts underwriten will assure your seller that a non-biased legal party has reviewed the contract for acceptable industry standards and that means a lot to a buyer's confidence. An underwriitng often relieves a seller from pressure of what could happen if the seller cannot physically or financially back a guarantee. Further, an underwriting assures the seller that his contracts are adjusted and indeed measure up to requirements and fiscal standards.

As a trainer, do I have to join ASCT to have my contracts underwritten?

Absolutely not.  We underwrite contracts for all K9 professionals. 

 How difficult is it to have a contract underwritten?  

Underwriting a contract is not automatic.  The contract must meet legal, fiscal, and civil equalization for both parties.  The pricing and product must be reasonably appropriate to warrant a guarantee. And the seller must show the capability and willingness to back up the contract.  These are all considered in the underwriting process.  Some contracts are underwritten, as is, while others need modification.

How long is the underwriting process?

Most contracts, once meeting the underwriting approval, are underwritten within 7 days.  

What is the cost for having a contract underwritten?  

The cost depends soley on the value of the contract and the amount of legal time involved in assuring the contract is underwritable. A typical underwriting cost is approximately 0 - 5 % of the contract value. 

Please send me an underwriting application

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