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Explanation and Requirements for Certification


A canine behaviorist is an individual who uses education, training, and experience to carefully analyze and diagnose a behavior issue and then researches, plans, trains, and instructs methods to the owners that give the best opportunity of removing undesirable behavior and replacing it with desired actions.

A behaviorist needs to be certified in efforts of reducing liability and having a backing. The level of expertise is substantial and the problems encountered, as behavioral issues, can be daunting.  The professional behaviorist must be thoroughly educated in problem solving theories, as well as testing methods and plans of action.

HOW TO QUALIFY:  A trainer wanting to certify as a Behaviorist will be required to show a resume, representing training and problem solving experience in the areas of: all aggression (acute and chronic), all submissiveness, socialability, all animal aggression, bonding, seperation anxiety, escape to evade, and escape to explore.

The candidate must have completed formal education class(s) and show knowledge of: classical behaviorism and basic canine neurobehavior.

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