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Explanation and Requirements and Certification

Personal Protection trainers work with individual clients and families in the development of a canine that is both pet and guardian.  Personal protection training requires an agile trainer and an agile mind; requiring the trainer to make decisions quickly while still following a carefully mapped plan. Trainers working personal protection must be very grounded in confidence of performance. There is a raised level of liability for personal protection dog trainers and owners. The trainer must be extremely liability oriented, well educated in HOA requirements and jurisdictional laws regarding protection dogs and breeds.  The trainer has to be able to communicate actions and procedures carefully and clearly to the owner(s) to insure the animal is properly maintained and the risk of accidental (unwarranted) aggression is minimum.

HOW TO QUALIFY:  Trainers seeking a certification in personal protection will need to provide a complete policy-proceedure of training methods and liability reduction measures.  The trainer must provide references of abilities and character, as well as, proof of the methods of training.  The candidate must have completed formal instruction in the following: liability awareness and reduction, canine behavior, protection methods, home defense rights (per state of training), and safety.  

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