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K9 Handler Support and Qualifications

ASCT certifies K9 handlers at levels based solely upon the level of canine education the handler posseses.  Certification levels are not representative of years of experience, production, or accolades.  There are places where a handler can gain a very large amount of K9 success simply because of the assignment, location, or K9 availability. In contrast, there are places where a very good K9 handler is restricted from quantity of success due to the same factors. Thus, we do not consider volume of success as a criteria for certification level. 

Handlers may be certified at one of three levels.  Handler, Master Handler, or Senior Master Handler.

1. HANDLER:  The candidate can demonstrate the capability of handling a canine under the testing measures of certification testing, passes asct safety exam, understands the policy procedure of agency, understands organizational policy of K9 usage, understands the basic olfactory concepts, comprehends the training requirements, and displays the capability of properly caring for a police K9.

2. MASTER HANDLER:  The candidate meets the HANDLER qualification; plus, has successfully completed an approved basic handling class; or, has accomplished a minimum of 5 canidology (zoology) courses.

3. SENIOR MASTER HANDLER: The candidate meets MASTER HANDLER qualification; plus, has accomplished a minimum of 5 (further) higher level candidology (zoology) courses.   

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