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Adam Slater: Article Series

Professor Tom Brownlee Article Series

A Few Points of Concern for New Handlers By Cpl. Kevin Kinard

Leadership by Jason Hopkin

What is Aggression by Scott Chambers

Attack The Track by Chris Malphrus

Utilizing Behavior Indicators & Rote Rehearsal by Adam C. Slater

Attitude Reflects Leadership by Karen M. Haller

Altruism by Will Rivers

The Most Valuable Concept in Training Your Dog by Karen M. Haller

Kindle That Training Spirit by Karen M. Haller

Smart Decisions by Instructor Tracy Lenhardt

A Basic Outlook on K9 Aggression by Will Rivers

Preparing for Canine Aggression. It Begins With You. By Sam Heigh

Who Says Dog's Don't Feel? By Karen Haller

Critical Timing and Redirection of Canine by Master Trainer Tracy Lendardt

K9 Aggression by Karen Haller

The Canine Senses: not just the nose by Karen Haller

Fear by Jarod Beasley

Health Effects of Spaying/Neutering Canines by Kathy Jacobsen

11 Fundamental Steps to Narcotic Detection Training By Karin Wagemann

Starting Hard Surface Tracking (sight run method) by Richard Gunter



Developing K9 Contracts by Tom Brownlee

Behind the Scenes: by Tom Brownlee

The Amazing Story of K9 "BOOTS".

2012 Research

Testing Review:Teaching Methods Application

Trainer and Instructor: The Difference

Bark and Hold vs Find and Bite

Certification. Is it Legit?

K9 Communication

Training the tracker - Live tracks


Technical Tracking In Action by William Downing

Tracking: Clock System

K9 Mythbusting

The X Factor

NEED TO KNOW (editor: a must read)

10 Deadly Mistakes Handlers Make

...More Deadly Mistakes

Evidence Recovery part I

Evidence Recovery part II

Carroll College - an example of collegiate partnership

Social Pressures

Officer Protection Retraining

Training the tracker - testing yourself

Training the Proper Out

Police fatalities rise on "staggering" trend

Explosives K9 Process

Cadaver: Underground Scent flow

Dead Dogs

Evidence Recovery

Traning the tracker - The Negatives

Chemistry of Narcotics

Cloudy Dreams: I want to be a K9 Trainer.

Fear by Commander David Clarke

North Carolina Highway Patrol K9 Abuse Report

K9 Handler Fitness


Some German dogs wearing shoes.

A New Deadly Dog Virus

Building Search Part I

Building Search Part II

Building Search Part III

Building Search Part IV

Dog Baked

Why are we killing our dogs?

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