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Humane Society of the United States
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ASCT generously supports  The Humane Society of the United States 

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"If you are dedicated to or interested in dogs, then you must have at least a small portion of love for the canine species. Maybe that love is isolated to one breed or one type of work. But once you truly love that dog, you learn to love other breeds and types. And the process continues in that if you truly love dogs, you learn to love other animals.

Thus, the complete cycle of our human growth, our soul - if you will, cannot not complete its' journey of partnership with animals until we have accomplished the journey of loving all animals. Unfortunately, almost anyone can buy a dog and countless numbers of them are abused and even more neglected.

But those numbers fail in comparison to all of the other species that are slaughtered through most horrendous conditions: captured, tortured, and eradicated from life. A life without animals is a life I do not want to live."

Chris Aycock PhD

Behavioral Neurobiology Researcher

President American Society of Canine Trainers



The Human Society of the United States has proven itself to be the most universal, all animal response, organization.

Throughout the years, the organization has proven its incredible value and authority for keeping life livable for animals and trying to assure that mankind is held responsible for our treatment of those who share our planet.


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