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Working Areas of K9 certification

The following is a comprehensive list of areas of work we will certify.  


Therapy & Service Dog 

Narcotic Detection (vehicle)

Narcotic Interdiction (Vehicle)

Narcotic Detection (Building - search warrant execution) 





Bloodhound Tracking. Levels: I, II, III, IV 

Area Search

Building Search (human)

Criminal Apprehension

Officer/Public Protection

Special Operations (SWAT)

High Risk Patrol

Crowd Control

Explosives Detection  

Human Remains Detection Land

Human Remains Detection Water

Search and Rescue (tracking/trailing/re-find) levels: I, II, III, IV 

Search and Rescue (disaster recovery) 

Accelerant Detection

Conservation Working Dog: Detection

Conservation Working Dog: Tracking & Patrol






More specifics for Therapy and Service dogs

(SMI) Senior Master Instructor

Meet Specialties Instructor certification
Must have taught all ASCT advanced schools
Must complete organizational dissertation of 320 pages minimum
Must show knowledge of methods for all K9 training during oral board
Must posses extensive records of dogs and handlers trained
Must be court certified K9 expert in a minimum of 2 states besides your home state
Must posses a Masters of Science (MS) degree in K9 Developmental Science* or Chemistry, or Physics, or hold a BA or BS degree in Criminal Justice or related field and a BS degree in K9 Developmental Science*.

(SI) Specialties Instructor

Meet Master Instructor certification
Senior Master Instructor recommendation
Must pass a DOD level security clearance
Must have taught as assistant instructor in 5 advanced programs
Taught advanced program as senior instructor with ASCT approval
Must posses a BS Degree in K9 Developmental Science* and
Have a minimum of 135 credits - 15 of which are towards the Masters Graduate with a major focus of K9 developmental science

(MI) Master Instructor

Meet Instructor certification
Senior Master Instructor letter of recommendation
Have attended all ASCT advanced schools
Have taught at least 7 basic handling schools


Must meet Master Trainer qualification
Certified a qualifying number of specialty area dogs
Certified a qualifying number of full service dogs
Must have a Specialties Instructor Recommendation
Taught a minimum of 5 basic handling schools
Must have written handler recommendations of your instruction
Must show adequate K9 Team performance following your school
Must posses handling school records (and)
Handling school detailed instruction checklists
Must pass an ASCT evaluation of performance for Instruction of ASCT Basic Handling School
Must have attended and tested out of the ASCT Liability School
Must have attended at least 3 advanced level schools
Must have assisted in instruction for 1 advanced level school
Have a minimum of 120 Developmental K9 Science Credits* / BS degree in K9 Developmental Science (or) posses a BS or BA degree in an accepted field (and)
Have a minimum of 60 K9 Developmental Science* credits

Possess PRODEV (professional development class) qualification


Master Trainer

Must meet qualification for Civilian or Departmental Trainer
Must show experience of having trained several dogs in certified field
Must certify a minimum of 2 dogs for Full Service work
Must posses a recommendation from 2 police agencies
Must have complete training agenda in writing
Must have training records in place
Must have written training/handling manual in place
Must attend ASCT Liability School within 1st year of certification and
Must attend 1 ASCT advanced program within 1st year of certification
Must have a SMI Instructor Recommendation
Have a minimum of 60 K9 Developmental Science Credits*


Civilian Trainer / Departmental Trainer

Must have previously attended an ASCT Basic Handling Course
Must meet Senior Master Handler qualification

Must show certifiable training on at least 1 canine w/out trainer assistance
Must have SMI or SI Instructor recommendation
Must have a written civic-minded policy in place
AND Must attend Trainer Qualification School 100 hrs. This program consists instruction and testing: neuroscience, advanced narcotic interdiction, advanced tracking, technical narcotic, technical tracking, unit survival for armed encounters, liability awareness and reduction, and trainer development (TRNDEV).


Must have attended and qualified for the individual classes: neuroscience, advanced narcotic interdiction, advanced tracking, technical narcotic, technical tracking, unit survival for armed encounters, liability awareness and reduction, and trainer development (TRNDEV).

Senior Master Handler

Must meet Master Handler qualification
Have a minimum of 2yr K9 experience
Have Instructor recommendation
Have a minimum of 30 K9 Development Science Credits* or
30 college credits from an accredited university.

Master Handler

Graduate from the ASCT Basic Handling Course
or hold Handler certification
and have a minimum of 12 months K9 experience
and have Instructor recommendation along with
a minimum of 15 K9 Developmental Science Credits* or
15 college credits from an accredited university.


Pass certification testing, plus safety test

* K9 Developmental Science:

These are college credits issued through ASCT for class and field study, relative to the ASCT Baccalaureate of Science, K9 Developmental Science Degree. Certifications do not require the enrollment within the collegiate program but the candidate must posses enough credits to obtain the level requirements.


To see specific testing criteria for each area of work, send us an email request with your contact information (click here)

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