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All of the information on this page and linked pages refer to Law Enforcement K9 as:

Narcotics Detection, Patrol, Tracking, Trailing, Explosives Detection, Search and Rescue, Human Remains Detection, Disaster Recovery, Conservation and Interpol, and Accelerant Detection.   



Law enforcement certifications are divided into four catagories:  

(1) Handler

(2) Canine

(3) Trainer

(4) Instructor


(1) Handler certifications are certified based upon the handler's formal classroom, K9 education, accountability, and proven capabilities and the specific areas of practice and expertise. Note: Handler certifications are not based on years of experience. Experience itself is not a replication of ability or knowledge unless it is matched with accountability, education, and performance.

(2) Canine certifications are issued for the dog. The certifications represent that the animal has passed examination, showing capability to meet standards within the specific working area for which it will be utilized.

A 2015 certified K9 team will receive two documents of certification: a handler certification and a K9 Certification.

(3) Trainers are certified based upon both the (1) handler criteria, as well as, formal education in training concepts, problem solving, basic teaching and instruction principals, liability, and administrative record keeping. The trainer is certified for demonstrating the ability to train canines for specific types of work and the certification specifies those areas of ability.

(4) Instructors are certified based upon meeting (1) handler criteria, (3) trainer criteria, as well as, documented collegiate education in the following:  instruction methods, sciences, research familiarization and capability, administration. The instructor is also certified based upon a history of strong accountability and a vast experience of both training and teaching of law enforcement students.      


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