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About ASCT
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The American Society of Canine Trainers is an open membership, legal support organization. We fully support an overall policy of inclusion and national canine unity for all: law enforcement, search & rescue, conservation, service and therapy animals for all private, and public operation. We are and will remain non-political in our activities and agenda. We welcome all who want to explore and certify. Those certified individuals should and will be capable of displaying their abilities and having those abilities rewarded, without any political manipulation.

Our history has expressed our high value of research and partnership with colleges and universities. Our desire to aim for greater understanding and research, forwarding progress of improving understanding of the canine, will inexhaustibly continue.

We utterly operate without competitive politics and canine trials, competitions, or displays of show. Our principals are clear in that working K9 competitions manifests a perception that K9 values are measured in competitive performance abilities. We want to assure the public, courts, and individuals that canines are always treated as a unit of equally important teams. ASCT welcomes public trainers and all specialty groups; making certain that they feel a valued part of us. 

We limit political malice that creates conflict within the law enforcement and working canine development society. We keep canine training on a cogent foundation with support and assistance available from every avenue. 

We support fair practice standards and help members grow. Slander, intentional ignorance, and carelessness are not tolorated. ASCT wants all of its’ members to be the unrivaled-civic minded, productive, and educated canine personnel in both the United States and abroad.

We search for members who are conscious of civic policy. Our desire to educate the public about police canine usage as being supportive to community service and never a threat or intimidation. ASCT wants police canines to become the strongest asset to a law enforcement agency and the community it serves.

We strive hard to keep police canines affordable and reasonably priced for police agencies and public alike.

We do not consider success as a number of members but rather the abilities that those members posses.

ASCT supports animal welfare and will not tolerate abuse and neglect. We fully believe that canines are the core of partnership for police officers and other working oriented persons. We want canines to be treated well and with comfort and understanding; wanting canines to have the best life possible and do what they enjoy most - having fun.

We welcome all canines, regardless of breed to participate and certify. We welcome all individuals, regardless of age, sex, race, or social position.  


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