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2018 - 2019 Research Sponsorship from the American Society of Canine Trainers 



Isolation of Volatile Organic Compounds as Primary Human Odorant

Researcher:  Raff Pandoff PhD

This 3-year research project has now been completed.  Results are available in advanced conferences, as well as, collegiate classes.

This research is formulated to take the human scent component, as it contains hundreds of volatile organic compounds, utlizing chemical kinetics, isolation methods, and make an attempt to determine the rate law of the reaction in regards to the numerous reactants.  This research may essentially determine the rate law of human scent behavior, as well as, isolate the most effective volatile organic compounds which, in reaction to the microsmatic species olfatory systems, can provide a measuring point for the amount of gas required and susequest behavior of that amount, as it behaves under specific environmnets.    

Neurobiology of Interspecific Communication Between Primates and Domestic Canines

Researcher:  Chris Aycock PhD 

This research consists of the neuroanatomical mapping comparison of Hominidae species: human, chimapanzee, gorilla, organutan and the species Canis Familiaris (domestic dog) as the neuroanatomical sytems relate to sensory communication, subsequent nervous system induced memory, and midbrain afferent and efferent pyramidial/extrapyramidial tracts. The research is designed to specifically tract the pathways of senses, as they create ethological relationship/behavioral memory: stress, calmness, comfort, within the communication methods that exists between the Hominidae species and the domestic dog.   

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